We took another short road trip; this time to Virginia Beach.
Oh, the beach. There is nothing like it, right?

We stayed with a very dear friend in one of those older, really classic and classy houses.



It actually was not stormy as it appears here, just a perfect overcast to cut the intense sun.


Dinner is served. Fresh, local crabmeat salad, corn and butter beans: what could be better?


A visit to Fort Story:


And, of course, the post would not be complete without some flowers!
Trumpet Vine was everywhere.


And the beautiful and colorful Rosa Rugosa


In addition to staying with our friend, we had dinner with a cousin of mine and her husband. It had been….are you ready… 40 years since we saw each other. Yes indeed, time flies. I had never met her husband. And oh, what fun we had. It was one of those joyous tell-me-everything-about-you evenings! What delightful people (are you reading this A and T?) We will certainly see them again.

Happy weekend to everyone.

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