On my yes-it-is-possible bucket list:
A trip to Chanticleer Garden

Chanticleer Garden, in Wayne, Pennsylvania defies any traditional description of a “public” garden. It is SO unique. And it is a place which I am very, very eager to visit. And so, I will be making what I call “a pilgrimage” in the not too distant future.


This is from their home page on their site.

Chanticleer was the private home of the Rosengartens until it became a foundation in 1990 and opened to the public in 1993. I grew up just a few miles from this place, but, of course, it was a private house then. Little did we all know just how famous and what a “destination” it would become. Some of the finest British gardens send designers-in-training to Chanticleer to train and learn. Now that is quite a distinction!

And then there is the book,
The Art of Gardening
Written by the staff at Chanticleer, it is a unique exploration of all kinds of gardening. The place, Chanticleer, is broken into fifteen distinct areas; each one is discussed in this book with lots of photographs. The individual gardeners who work here are allowed tremendous creative freedom. And the installed artwork, including many seating options, is so unusual and unique. I highly recommend the book for both its visual content and the discussion of so many aspects of planning and maintaining a garden.

These three images are from the Chanticleer website under
“What’s in Bloom” for end of May.

Just amazing….




If you’re interested, watch this video featuring Dan Benarcik, one of the principal gardeners at Chanticleer. (Interviewer is Fran Sorin, garden author)

It’s a special place. Nothing more to say!

I’m hoping to also combine a visit to the original
in Glens Mills, Pa.

What a store. I’ve followed them from well before they became part of Anthropologie, but I’ve never been to Glens Mills. Of course I will take lots of pictures and report back to you!