As I write this, the weekend is almost over.

Let me share with you some of my “Sunday Best”: the small and large things that happened around here this weekend!

First, daughter arrived and is here for three days. That is always
a good thing.

Prepping before going out to do some shopping. Mother/daughter shopping is one of life’s finest experiences I have found. My daughter and I just get along. We have fun together (as you have seen from our various trips and travels…)

E and me

Second, I entertained thirty four women on Saturday morning for our monthly women’s group. This is the third year I have hosted the group the first Saturday in April and it is no coincidence that my tulips in the front garden are at their peak this week.


I’m liking the display this year, but you know, I think there is something missing in here. I wish I had planted some lavender tulips, or perhaps a deep purple/black. It needs some oomph and more color. But that is exactly why I pullout all my tulips every year and start again for the next season. Part of the joy of these, my favorite flowers, is trying new color palettes and combinations each year. Next year? I’m not at all sure, but I’m thinking of all tones of red! We will see.


Images from the Saturday party:


Shortbread hearts and chocolate chip cookies with some raspberries:


The third “event” this weekend was really a non-event:
spring has arrived! The pond in our village was looking so pretty with the reflections in the water. That round “bump” in the water is actually the silo reflection. And can you just see a black and white Beltie over there on the left?


And for the very last event for this weekend there is Instagram and this photo:


Who knew? This has been one of my most “liked” photos on my Instagram account. Hmmmm. I think filters and presets and post shoot manipulation in Photoshop and Lightroom really DO make a difference. The wonderful thing is that I really enjoy doing it!

I’ll be back at the end of the week with more on flowers and gardening.