Yesterday was a special blogger meet up!

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Kristy Woodson Harvey, author of “Lies and Other Acts of Love,” was doing a talk and signing of her new book at my local independent bookseller, McIntyre’s Books.

Not only do I think McIntyre’s is one of the best book stores anywhere, I think Kristy is a very special and talented writer. Her first book, “Dear Carolina,” won me over in the first few pages and kept me reading almost nonstop to the end. You can read my recommendation of “Dear Carolina” HERE.

In addition to all this, Kristy and her mother, Beth Woodson, write the blog Design Chic. This blog is one of my interior and lifestyle favorites both for content and tone. Please go over (it’s also on my sidebar) and take a look, and then subscribe!

Anyway, Kristy is delightful! She has a real presence when speaking and told us about her path to becoming an author. I was struck, in particular, with her life long desire to know people’s stories. Obviously, this comes easily to her as both her published books have characters of such depth and quirky detail.


This was Kristy signing copies of her book, yesterday.

The story is told by two women: Annabelle, the granddaughter and Lovey, the grandmother. What, exactly, are lies? Are they sometimes necessary? What happens when they are revealed? How strong can family ties be? I haven’t quite….finished the entire book but will settle down tonight to do so. I highly recommend it to all of you.

This is one of the very best aspects of blogging: meeting (finally) your on line friends who care about and write about and are passionate about some of the same things. Beth and I talked yesterday of how wonderful it is to get together with the real person behind the blog. You all know, if you’ve followed me for any length of time, just how important this is to me. I have so many, many friends all over the world! Thank you, one and all, for following along here.