We use an electric tea kettle so many times each day: probably 10-12 clicks of the switch. We use it to heat water for both tea and coffee. So it’s a critical part of my kitchen!


This is my newest and latest tea kettle love:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.24.49 PM

Chef’s Choice 681

The capacity of this baby is 1.7 liters….that is many, many cups of tea or coffee. One fill up lasts us almost an entire day.


Blue light comes on when it’s heating up; it takes just five minutes with a totally full kettle. It does NOT have any beep or signal when it comes to a boil: the blue light just goes off.

Our last kettle held maybe three full cups. So yes, this is heavier when you pour the first cup but the convenience far outweighs (no pun intended!) the extra muscle power needed..

A few years ago I tried the so-very-cute Bodum kettle. 

If you read the link to my post you will see why it’s “thumbs down”on this one.

Next I tried this one, from Adagio, for two years:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.41.37 PM

While it works just fine, it only holds 30 oz. which is less than half my new one.

I put together some suggestions for you. These were my runners up a month ago before I bought my Chef’s Choice 681. The prices of all these kettles have come down from 5-10 years ago and the technology has definitely improved. They heat up very fast, are easy to clean, have metal (no plastic) inside and for the most part (except for my Bodum) will last for years.

Tea Kettles

1. Secura   2. Cuisinart   3. Chef’s Choice 685   4. Bonavita
5.  Breville   6. Hamilton Beach

Would love to hear your comments: do you own one of these, or another brand? What has your experience been?