This is one very inviting and clever sign, just asking you to join  in…
The Roost
is the place to be several evenings a week in my village: music, craft beer, hand made pizza and always lots of friends.


I love these white azaleas in part of the outdoor space: the double flowers are spectacular:


And in another, totally different part of the village:

One of my favorite morning walk routes takes me by this old, old family cemetery. It’s especially nice with just the right morning light.



Back at home and the fading tulips:


This was just before they really faded; I love that the pink Encore Azalea bloomed at just the same time.


I’ll be visiting with my favorite young lady, aka daughter, this weekend so you can expect some Instagram updates. Things are getting busy around here so I’ll be popping in and out on the blog! See you soon.