Here’s something a little different for Friday Flowers today.
I finished these designs last week and will be submitting them to several manufacturers. Yes, I  DO still do some surface design! If you read my “About Me” page link above you will learn something about my work and career.

I’ve mostly left it all now…although, once a designer always a designer, right?  I’m always looking at colors, at shapes, at interiors, at graphic design and, of course, there is so much to see (overload?) on social media.

It’s a debate as to how I refer to my work space here in our house: it varies between “my office” and “my studio.” Actually, it’s both. I have two different desks: one is only for artwork and the other for the computer and files and paperwork.

Still life photography has become a major part of my creative life but still….I go back to surface, painted design from time to time. So here you have my latest:

Libby Wilkie Fun Flowers

Libby Wilkie Fun FlowersStripe

I’m also working on some other new projects combining photography with paper (and other) products. I’ll be showing you these in the next few months! So if you don’t see me here on my regular days it’s because I’m busy with these other projects. Just a heads up…