Winter is here. I know some of you out there love this season but for me…not so much.
I’m already looking ahead and beginning to plan for my garden in the Spring. There will, of course, be the annual rituals of cleaning the bird bath, clearing the gardens, scrubbing the white fence, cutting back the Caryopteris, Lavender and Rosemary and then the sublime moments of staring at my gardens and the small green wonders that have actually emerged once again.

For now, here is a look ahead from where I sit or, rather, walk in the mornings:


Do you know Remodalista blog? There are several sections in this “Sourcebook for Considered Living” and the one I read this week is the Gardenista:
“16 Top Trends for Garden Design in 2016” by Michelle Slatella

16! That’s a lot of trends to talk about. But here are a few I found pertinent:

garden-trends-2016-monochrome-palette-gardenista   Monochrome Palettes

2016-best-garden-design-trends-slatted-fences-gardenistaSee Through Fences

2016-garden-trends-new-portable urban gardens-gardenistaPortable Gardens

hydrangeas-blue-2016-garden-trends-gardenistaBlue Hydrangeas

french-drain-studio-toop-luchtig-industrieel-gardenistaDecorative Drains

messy-look-sylvan-lane-gardenistaThe Untamed Look

Happy weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with a new recipe for you.

                        It’s still cold outside, but we can all dream and plan for our spring and summer gardens!