Adobe Lightroom

I’ve used Adobe Photoshop for years and years and have become pretty good at it.
But recently I’ve been eying Adobe Lightroom. It’s all part of the CC (Creative Cloud) 2015 package, so I downloaded the program.
Aaaahhhh. Oh no. This is beyond…way beyond me, I thought. No. Can. Do. So I let it sit for months and months.

About a month ago I turned to the wonderful Kim Klassen for help; or rather, the help sort of fell into my lap. Kim offers an extensive course all about Lightroom, but I knew I just was not ready, and did not have the time, for such an in-depth course. Then in December she posted an offering for a free, 7-day, introduction to Lightroom.

Let me show you just a very, very small sample of what can be done in this fabulous program. I’m still sort of lost in how to catalog all the images, but slowly I AM making progress in “developing” some images.

Here is one of my images for today, taken this afternoon, against black board but with bright sunlight from one side.


This is straight from the camera: no editing at all.

One of the main reasons I wanted to learn Lightroom is the ability to use what are called “Presets.” There are some installed with the program, but the really good ones are available from Kim’s site. I have been dying to try these for a long time.

This was my favorite for the day:


This is kk_5.Friday

Here is another example:

I cut some hellebores, sealed the stems in boiling water as Julie instructed, and put them in a sweet silver pitcher.


Here is the image right off the camera card.



Using preset kk_7.Sunday


I am in love with these…and yes, you will be seeing many, many more of them in the future. Entire new horizons have opened up for me!