There seem to be some basic features, requirements, questions and choices for any trip overseas and on any airline. We all face the same problems as in security lines, over crowded space on any plane, what to bring and in what kind of suitcase. So here are a few additional thoughts I’ve had regarding travel.


1.  Once again, the carry-on vs. checked bag conundrum. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the comments I received on the last travel post. Having had an airline lose all your luggage, as Cindy tells us,  (for five days..) would probably be enough to make me a carry-on person for life.  As it stands now, I figure that if I have a direct flight then I am fairly safe. This time, I did carry on from RDU to JFK as I knew in advance that it was “plane side” check-in. So then I would have only had that one direct flight to BCN. But I did the carry on thing instead. And, on the return trip I DID check from BCN to JFK as I knew I would be picking up the suitcase after customs and then do the plane-side check in once again to RDU.

   That was a long story! Anyway, it IS an issue. My next trip will most likely be with my husband, so then the story changes considerably. I have a ready made suitcase lifter!

2. I’m really not a germaphobe (people who become obsessed with germs and dirt and feel compelled to act out rituals of washing and cleaning)   BUT …..  be careful.  I use individually wrapped wipes to wipe down the tray in front of my seat, the buttons etc. on the arm, and even the overhead fan dial. I know, the people around me are wondering, I am sure. But you do see more and more passengers doing this now.

So, what do I want to say to you? Just be cautious. Of course, there isn’t really any way to avoid catching something but just be aware.

3.  Think about the weight of the empty suitcase. I never really considered this. But I’ve been looking into them and yes indeed, my ten year old trusty rolling suitcase is just too heavy. At least when used as a carry-on. So I am in the market. When I gather some information and reviews, I’ll do a post for you.

4. Hair dryer. While most, if not all, hotels have some kind of hair dryer, I take my own. The very worst are the wall units in Paris that have a plastic slinky type cord that gets so hot you can’t hold it (it takes me about 15 min. to do my hair.) And I aboslutely must have one of those air flow directors at the end of the dryer… About three years ago I bought a small folding hair dryer, with the 220v power,  at a hardware store in Paris. It has the European plug, so no chance it might be used here by mistake. So easy and so portable and I know, always, that it will work perfectly. Daughter and I share it, even mailing back and forth for upcoming trips. I think I paid 14 euros.

5. Once again, let me sing the praises of the EMME bag!  This is one perfect product. If you missed it, here is the post I had done.

Emme Bag IMG_6436b_wm

You can buy it HERE.

 Those are my random thoughts for the day… Once again, we would all love to hear any and all comments you might have.
And now, I’m off to find our Christmas lights and begin putting them  up on the fence outside!