Perfect Linens: the perfect sheets!

Read on to find out all about this fabulous offer:
Perfect Linens Giveaway

I am a bed linen fanatic. Did you know that? Sheets really REALLY matter to me. Quality matters to me. There are so many (thousands?) of sheets out there so choosing the right one can be, at best, confusing and at worst, a total mess.

Enter Perfect Linens

Second Skin Sheets IMG_8440a_wm

My gorgeous “Second Skin” set of pillow cases and Linen Wash.

This company only sells sheets: they do not sell rugs or clothes, or table linens, or bags. Nope, only sheets. Thomas Danaher, the founder and CEO, and I had a long talk all about their sheets, his philosophy, why and how he has become a bed linen geek (!), and the importance of offering an honest choice to consumers.

They offered to send me a complimentary set of sheets to try out and review for you, my readers. As an alternative, they offered to sponsor a Giveaway…which is the choice I opted for.
I want all of you to have the chance to win a set of these superb sheets.

I did receive one set of pillow cases from the “Second Skin” line to review the fabric quality. I washed them in the “linen wash” included with the set of pillow cases, air dried them, and ironed them .


Here they are on the bed:

Perfect Linens pillow cases IMG_6475_wm

I always iron our pillow cases. They just feel better that way! And I iron the turn back of the top sheet. Well, these cases ironed beautifully… the fabric is, without a doubt, the smoothest and silkiest I own. Yes, of course they get wrinkled each night, but why not start out with a beautifully ironed set of cases?


On the ironing board…just pressed!

Perfect Linens tests all their sheets objectively. That means they all undergo very rigorous scientific testing before the subjective personal opinions are solicited. They are assessed for several qualities such as pliability, absorbency, temperature.
As Danaher says: “Perfect Linens’ mission is to find the few exceptionally comfortable ones (sheets.) We use objective fabric tests (like Nike and NASA) and extensive analysis to research how sheets feel to the touch after multiple washes and uses. Don’t just change your sheets… change the way you buy your sheets. Life’s too short for bad sheets!”

Now, you need to go to their site: 
Perfect Linens.

They are offering a sheet set from the “Second Skin” collection: there are three border patterns or a plain sheet. Let us know which one you would like, if you are the winner.

And, as an extra bonus, any product you order is eligible for a $35.00 discount!
Just use the code  Libby35  at checkout.


The Giveaway is sponsored by Perfect Linens. They will be responsible for sending the winner ONE SET OF SHEETS from THE SECOND SKIN COLLECTION! This is a top/flat sheet, a fitted bottom sheet, and a set of two matching pillow cases.
This is an exceptionally great Giveaway!

This Giveaway is open to anyone reading this blog. Unfortunately, they are not able to ship outside the contiguous United States (this will be changing in the near future.)

The Giveaway entries will be open from today, September 14, 2015 until midnight, Thursday, September 24, 2015. Winner will be announced here, on the blog, on Monday, September 28th.

To enter:

1. Leave a comment here on the blog, telling us which “Second Skin” border design you want, and the size. You must, of course, go to their site before you do this. Be sure you email is attached to your ID, so I can reach you!

  2. For additional entries you can :

Follow #perfectlinens on Instagram
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Follow this blog, if you are not already doing so

That’s a total of four ways you can enter and each way gives you an additional entry.

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Email me if you have any questions.

Good luck!