If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love “statement” necklaces. Our choice of jewelry is really very personal, isn’t it? There are styles and colors and sizes that appeal to each of us regardless of fashion.
I am not a “single small stone on a finely braided long length chain” kind of girl.
For me, a short necklace is best….even a choker (so glad to see they are back in style!) And I like them chunky: not huge but something you really notice.

Let’s look at some fun statement necklaces from one of my favorites:



This just might be my favorite….but at $228 I’ll have to pass it up!

I also went to Etsy to take a look. I searched “statement necklaces” and here are a few I found. A good number of the vendors are in China, Taiwan, Brazil so the shipping time and cost might be too much. I tried to stay with domestic producers.


For me, this one is just about perfect…the length is 17″ and the price is $58.00.

White and Gold Statement Necklace

Let’s finish up with a really fun, colorful, unique piece:

So, what do you think? Do you like some of these?