This is where I have been hanging out the last two weeks:


Very specifically, I have been part of the “Instagram Bootcamp” course. I use Instagram, or IG for short and I love it. It has been my “social media of choice” for quite a while….but not until this course really got under way did I realize just how much I didn’t know! From learning all about filters and how to use VSCOcam to the use of hashtags and “the grid”, to meeting new people, all of Holly’s courses are geared to making the most of social media. It’s all about communication!

I cannot go into great detail here (if you’re interested, you, too, can take the course!) but I’ll just show you a few things I submitted as part of my homework.

One of the assignments was to try to get out of your comfort zone and
take a selfie. I had made a family picture gallery after we moved here: it is right outside my office, upstairs, and I often look at it. So what better way to do a “family selfie!” I also put on one of my Mother’s great pieces of costume jewelry, and matching earrings, just to complete the scene.
I’ve inserted, underneath, the text I wrote with the image.

Family SelfieIMG_7899_wm

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.28.39 PM

Another homework included something from nature, or in the garden. Here I used lots of filters, cropping and tools such as brightness, shadows, contrast etc.


Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.32.53 PM

Here was another one where I experimented with angle and light:


Finally, some real Friday Flowers!
These are verbascum chaixii.
I planted them just a year ago and they were skinny and not too tall all last summer, with one flowering. This spring they have been gorgeous, and full and over four feet tall. There seems to be a debate as to whether to cut the flower stem mid-season: if you leave them intact they will go to seed and hopefully produce more plants next year. But if you cut them back after the initial flowering, they may well flower again this summer/fall. So, I split the difference! I cut these stems from the two plants but left several others intact. And now I’m going to try to dry these. Has anyone tried this??


Untouched photo                                                                 Waterlogue app used here

If you’re interested in the IG course, just email me for more information or to know what more I learned. If you have an IG account, I hope you will follow me:
Or better yet, open an account and start having fun with it!
Enjoy your weekend everyone. I’m off on a short trip to visit a special friend, then I’m sure back to stay by the pool as it still very hot here….