You read that right: it’s called “Hair Allium” (or Allium Hair) and it’s my new favorite bulb.
Fine Gardening says “it looks like it put its roots in an electric socket.”

I came across it last fall and planted the entire pack of 25.



And here is the progression I saw last month. Too bad I didn’t get a better shot of the tangled “pod” on left. It was amazing! And then the little “seed heads” started poking through, getting larger and rounder.

Allium Growth_wm

This was somewhere in between:

Image 17_wm

Margaret Roach at A Way to Garden says, “Maybe your taste runs to the bizarre instead? Allium ‘Hair’ is at your service. This mutation of the drumstick allium, A. sphaerocephalon, is somewhere between undersea and outer space in appearance.” 


Some garden sites say it is fragrant: I have yet to experience that. But I’m going to cut some this weekend to bring indoors, so we shall see. I am assured they will multiply each year!

What do you think? Would you consider growing these?