Do you know the perennial plant, Lamb’s Ear?
(Stachys byzantina)


You see these plants in almost every garden center: they are easy to grow, they will spread although not too rapidly or invasively, they form a wonderfully textured ground cover, and you can let the flowers develop or just cut them down before they bloom.
But, to tell you the truth, I never had them in my garden as they just seemed too weird. Yes, the soft, fuzzy leaves were sort of a turn off for me.
And then I reconsidered. And now I love them! They lasted through our cold winter last year so  they are here to stay I think. I’ve divided my initial clump and everyone is happy!

Love the close-up!

Love the close-up!


Flower head that you can let develop….or not


Lambs Ears IMG_0160_wm


Lambs Ears IMG_0162_wm

These perennials could also be part of a lovely “Silver” Garden.
I’ve recently started a Pinerest board
 Gardening: Silver and White 

I am just discovering and exploring this world of silver foliage: Dusty Miller, Echeveria, Ajuga, Pulmonaria, Lamium and the list goes on. Take a look at the Pinterest board for more ideas.

Do you like, or use, these plants?

Next week, in Friday Flowers, I have something very unique to show you, so be sure to check back!