I, and thousands of others, have so much fun with Pinterest!
is the link to my Pinterest account.

I recently upgraded to a “Business” account and, among other “privileges,” I have access to Pinterest Analytics for my account. I can see my Pinterest Profile, my Audience, and Activity generated from this blog. I never realized how useful this could be.

Here is the #1 repined image from all of my 78 boards, for the last 30 days:
And, this board “Succulents and Terrariums” is always in my top three for views and pins.


This is my #2 most repinned image:


And coming in at #3 is:


The last two are from the board  Gardens: Down the Garden Path. That is certainly one of my most popular boards. But I guess nothing compares to
Succulents and Terrariums!

Another popular board has been
but that seems to have died down a bit in favor of the more seasonal garden boards.

And last, but certainly not least, is the most repinned image I have:
I pinned this almost two years ago (!) and it continues to be popular.

You just never know, right?



My one, ongoing, issue with Pinterest is how to arrange the boards. My first inclination has always been to arrange them alphabetically. That just makes sense, both for the viewer and for me as I add to them daily. But on the other hand, it also makes sense to have the most viewed, pinned, and used boards right at the top of the page. Thus, Succulents and Pearls are right there at the beginning. After that, it proceeds alphabetically. Hmmmm. How do you do it? Suggestions or comments?

Hope you will take a look at some of my Pinterest boards; you can pin easily from here (the red P is on each image); and let us know about your pinning experience.