Viburnum carlesii
“Korean Spice Viburnum”

This is one wonderful shrub!
I had them up North, in the Hudson Valley, where they flourished. So I decided to try them down here in hot, humid North Carolina. In fact, I think the two I have were the very first thing I planted when we got here (aside from the iris, geraniums and day lilies I hand carried down in the car…)

And they have flourished here also! Both are in a protected and partly shaded spot. But this year has been the best yet: the flowers have been out-of-this-world abundant and the spicy scent is dreamy.








And now, for a total change of pace, here are my tulips
Jan Reus

I first heard of these from my friend Julie at Peonies and Posies. After seeing her images of this striking, dramatic red tulip I knew I just had to have some. Well, it turns out they are more difficult to come by in the U.S. than in England. But Blooming Bulb had them, and now, so do I.

I’ll be showing you more of my tulips next week. For now, I am hoping they will last, and shine, at my party for twenty-five on Saturday!


Hope you all enjoy your spring weekend!