First came the daffodils, those cheery harbingers of spring!
I have a huge selection of various kinds and most of them came with the house. Here I mixed them with the hellebore foetidus in a crystal vase.






Next came the hyacinths, here in the vase made by my sister…


And now, the tulips! My favorite flower. It is very rare indeed to see planted tulips here in North Carolina: most people feel the winter is too short and mild to produce quality tulips. This is true…..sort of. My tulips are never as tall or grand as they would be up North, but never mind, they are there, in my garden and that is what counts.

Here we have Wildhof white; actually a creamy off white that was the first to bloom. If you follow the link and take a look, they appear so much whiter than in reality. I think they are my favorite white/cream tulip to date!



And here is the first of my Passionale, a deep, rich magenta . These are just about to open.


I’ll have lots more of these and others next week! The weather has been gorgeous, the nights warmer, and I am out digging in the dirt every day….