Louisiana Iris

I’ve mentioned them before HERE and HERE

My friend Jane had given me some rhizomes about three years ago. The first year, after transplanting, I had only a few flowers. Then last year was better. And this year, well, they are abundant and spectacular. Actually, spectacular is not the right word, for these are not showy iris. They are understated, subtle and delicate which is why I like them so much.


It has been a very, very busy week around here, so I haven’t been able to take many pictures of these iris, or anything, in my garden. But this weekend I will snap away and have lots more to show you next week!


Can you see how delicate the petals are? And against the dark green leaves they make a beautiful color combination.

Here is a white iris germanica.  I don’t know much more about these: I carried them down here, in the car, when we moved and had inherited them from my Mother’s garden. This is their fourth season here and each year they are another four inches taller!


I’ll have more gardening next week as well as a travel post. See you then!