Last May, in 2014, I showed you the beautiful and colorful planter I bought at Southern States in Carrboro. And, I showed you just how to plant succulents.IMG_4866_wm

Last week, almost a year later, and this collection of planters was reduced by 60%!! How could I possibly turn that down….


I bought a square planter!

To show you just how well these babies have done in a year, take a look:


A haircut was definitely in order and today was the day!


Looking very snappy, no?

The question is: what to put in the new square planter. More succulents and/or grasses would work well. This spot is very VERY hot and sunny and they seem to love it there. On the other hand, I want to start with some vegetables, and tomatoes are my first choice. Juicy, red tomatoes would look fabulous in the green planter, no?

We will see. Planting time is still a while in the future…