The longer I blog the more I realize it is all about the people. I spend many hours each week reading my “friends and family” blogs i.e. the familiar and well loved blogs written by people I now know quite well. But then there are the newcomers. Every week there are many: blogs I never knew existed and now feel I can’t do without! The stories, the people, the places on this globe that I explore, the things I learn….this is part of why I love blogging.


And now I have been nominated for the “Lovely Blog Award” by my friend
Julie at Peonies and Posies.
If you have been here for a few months you know that Julie is the person I visited in England last September. You can read all about it here and here.

When she nominated me and four other bloggers, Julie said that her choices were based, in part “on blogs where the photography is an essential part of the experience.”

Well, that means a lot to me! I’ve worked hard on my photography skills and, while I realize they are far from perfect, I really enjoy the process and the challenge.
Thank you, Julie!

In receiving this “award” there are two requirements. The first is to list and explain five things about yourself that readers may not know. The second is to then pass this award on to five other bloggers (yes, it’s sort of like a chain letter.)

What you may not know about me:

1.  I love manicures! There is nothing as nice as having well groomed, colored, nails. Whether I go to my one and only Nancee, or do it myself, I feel great when all is said and done.

2.  I used to sew, a lot. I made my clothes; I made doll clothes; I did needlepoint; I did crewel work. That was then… and now I barely know how to thread a needle!

3.  I do not like spicy food.

4.  I still miss not sitting and baking in the sun. All those years of baking got me into some skin trouble so I’ve learned my lesson…very well. But a girl can still dream, right?

5.  I really don’t care about going to the movies. It just does not interest me and I don’t think I see more than four a year. I will never go to see sci-fi or animated films, but any movie at all is just low on my list of priorities.

And now my list of five blogs: the list is varied and all are mentioned either in my sidebar or a Page above. I consider all of these bloggers my friends! No, they don’t have to accept the award, or pass it on but just know that I like what you write, and want to share with others.
I suggest you visit each of these unique blogs:

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Happy reading and enjoy your weekend.