Grocery store flowers.

The best (and only!) way to have flower C O L O R in the house, in January, is to shop the grocery stores. Store bought flowers have a come a long way : remember maybe ten years ago when you were hard pressed to find decent flowers in any grocery store? These days almost any store will have a fairly good assortment of flowers at reasonable prices.

Tulips are always a first choice for me. Take a look at my Pinterest board
Tulips: My Favorite Flower



 Clean, crisp white tulips with magenta Gerbera Daisies.

* Tip *

Did you know…. that Gerbera Daisy cut flowers soak up water through their entire stem? So, only fill your vase with about 1″ of water. This way, the stems will not get soggy and the flowers will last longer!






 Hope you have a nice weekend, and stay warm!