A week ago we were off to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a short stay.
We have never been to the Southwest or the real desert (does Palm Springs count?) and have planned, and then cancelled, several trips out there. So this was it!

We stayed at Los Poblanos: Historic Inn & Organic Farm

I’m going to tell you all about this most wonderful….probably the very best….inn we have ever visited. But that will be later in the week. For today let me show you the hot air balloon photos I took. The Balloon Fiesta, an annual event in Albuquerque, was taking place all last week with thousands of hot air balloons and enthusiasts. No, we didn’t go for the event, but it was an added bonus to our trip!  In the morning you can see them slowly rising up all over town and in every direction. If one is near enough you hear the whoosh of the propane as they rise higher. It is spectacular!



Across the lavender fields, looking east toward the Sandia Mountains



The two landmark silos at Los Poblanos.



Day 2 and even earlier in the morning…



I love the contrasts here. I drove over to be near the balloon park and was amazed at how entirely different the light, and the balloons looked from here.



Day 3



This was looking west, toward the Rio Grande. Can you just see the moon?





Sunset. Not bad.



Take a look at their site: Los Poblanos. I’ll show you more later this week!