May I present:
Camellia sasanqua

Isn’t she lovely? I don’t think this one has ever (in my four years in this house) bloomed this early in the season. But no matter. I am very pleased! She sits right out front for all the world to see and has many, many flowers and buds.
The bees seem quite happy to see her!




My red dahlias.
No, I don’t know what they are except that they have come down in my family for many generations! I carried the tubers down here when we moved and they are, for the most part, doing well. They are not too happy about all the heat, but I try to plant them in partial shade. After languishing all summer and the leaves turning blotchy and yellow, they have come out of “summer shock” and are now flourishing. We should have another month or so of warm weather so I hope to have more bright spots throughout the garden!


 And the white Japanese Anemones are always a favorite.






Some pink anemones, a last lavender straggler and some wild chamomile make for a dainty and ethereal bouquet!


 I know…I said I would be doing another post on our trip to Albuquerque and our hotel. But somehow I  think we are all (me included) travel-posted-out. I will do it eventually.  In the meantime, you can see some photos of our time out there over on my Flikr page. Hope you enjoy!