How do you feel about Fall decor?

 Do you like the season? Do you like the colors, the textures, and the feel of images having to do with Autumn?
Are you an Autumn person?

Do we call it Autumn or Fall? Both are “correct.” According to LiveScience, Autumn is the preferred term in Britain, and Fall in the United States. It was in the 18th century that both words began appearing, replacing the season that had been known as “harvest” because, after all, it was the season of the harvest.

My friend Linda at Surroundings did a post last week, ” Elegant and Subtle Fall Decor.” I totally agree with her in that I don’t do a lot of seasonal decorating in my house. Christmas, yes, I bring down the bins from closet storage and, I have to admit, it can be fun and nostalgic to see decorations from Christmases past. It brings back memories….But Fall or its subcategory, Halloween, no. I’ve never, ever been a Halloween fan; it just doesn’t do it for me. And Fall, well, I like to photograph leaves, pinecones, acorns, the light, the grass and the changing colors but more than that I don’t do. My mantel does not change with this season!

But I do have a Pinterest Board, Fall Decor and Interiors, which I really enjoyed researching. You can check out the entire board in that link or over on my sidebar to the right.

Let’s start with some table decor:


The simple, classy table decor above is just plain pretty. Nothing overdone about this, and have you noticed that white pumpkins are all the rage this season? I actually DO like them and have also seen some great ones with gold leaf stencils, hand lettering, and marker design.



I love this one: so simple, full of texture and handsome.



Here, Megan talks about “inviting and simple” decor. She certainly accomplished that in this vignette!



This has got to be one of my all time favorites. Classy, understated, unique and pretty.



And for a table setting: how about this understated, muted but elegant, vignette?


And now for some interiors. Take a look at this:


These are not really my colors…but I think this all works so well. It’s comfortable and classic, but has lots of natural light.



Here’s a wonderful sort of Autumn look interior: the graphite walls, the gray sofa, the pop of chartreuse and then orange, again balanced by lots of natural light. yes!



Here’s a mantel that really works: understated and doesn’t scream Fall. Nice use of gold accents with the gray.


One last, really gorgeous living piece to go on your table, mantel or wherever. Yes, this is living as it uses air plants.
Click through to the Remodalista page for complete instructions!


You can use grapevines (as shown here) or substitute wisteria or maybe honeysuckle?


So now it’s your turn to tell us how you decorate for Fall.