Some of you (bloggers) may know her. But if you don’t, let me introduce

Julie, of Peonies and Posies

Yes, Julie has invited me for a visit while I am in England. Julie and I met while taking the Blogging Your Way course from Decor8 and  were partners in a project. As I have said before, I have met so many wonderful new friends through this course. Another one is being offered in the Fall 2014 and is geared to the experienced, advanced blogger so I just might have to do it. Blogging friends, are you going to join me?

Anyway, when Julie and I started talking about my trip to England, way back in April, she invited me to stay.

I am so looking forward to this experience! Julie is, among many other things, a very accomplished gardener . You can read a bit about her path to gardening here.

On her blog Home page she has side “galleries” of her garden images broken down by season. It’s a very effective way of showing images and then being able to click  to enlarge.

Julie Collage

All images ©Julie King

Yes, her photographs are really good!

We hope to spend some time in Cambridge and then the next day visit some local nurseries, have lunch outdoors and maybe visit some friends.

Thank you, in advance, to Julie and her family for having me to visit: I am so looking forward to it.

P.S. You can like her Facebook page here.