Once again, let’s continue the “Mother Daughter Travel” series: this time it’s what to wear and take when you head for the airport.

I had first done a post on Travel Essentials before a trip to Provence. I’ve received so many personal emails in response to this post, and with further questions, that I thought it a good idea to update.


My first travel wear essential is still my black jeans. Then a top. A cotton scarf for color. A pretty necklace: faux or plastic works well in security lines. A nice big pashmina: if you can get one with some wool or cashmere , so much the better, for it will keep you that much warmer.

I carry an Hervé bag to put under the seat in front of me. Socks and cotton slippers are a must (don’t ever go into the bathrooms with just socks!)
And here I included my newest and greatest rain coat: from Merrell. I ordered it from Rue LaLa back in April and it is just perfect:  very lightweight; has a hood; nice deep,zip pockets; a two way zip closure; and it’s very stylish and feels great on.

Clothes for the Plane b_wm

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My main objective is to be comfortable! You never know if the cabin will be too hot or too cold. I nearly froze coming home last year and piled on three blankets…although I really hesitate to use the airline’s “blankets,”  those synthetic almost-like-paper coverings that you never know where they have been. Ah well, when you’re cold, you do what you have to!

I always get a window seat. Which do you prefer? Why? I like to settle in and try to get some sleep and I find the window makes that easier. Of course, when you travel with someone it makes a huge difference in having that entire row, no matter how small or cramped, to yourselves.


Let’s take a look at what I actually use to pack for the trip, and the gadgets used on the flight.
A four wheel rolling suitcase is essential for me. See #5 below. I check my bag….yes, I am one of those people.

I do, however, always have a good sized carry-on in addition to my main suitcase. And, because I’ve had trouble with my elbow and shoulder in the past, I use a rolling bag. I can’t tell you how great these are when you have a few hours, alone, in an airport. When you cannot park your things with a friend or husband/partner, and have to lug them all to the ladies room, or just to walk around, a “rolly” is your best friend.

The polka dot “Allrounder Wheeled Tote” is my newest purchase. Cute design, can’t miss it from a mile away, it rolls easily but also has handles and holds a ton of stuff. Actually, I put this carry-on up top after I have taken out my plane essentials and put them into the smaller Hervé bag shown above. That bag I put under the seat in front of me. Are you following along here? So, basically, I have a bag within a bag as I walk through the airport. As boarding time gets near I “reorganize” in order to simplify and have just the one smaller tote bag right in front of me.

In it I have my Bose noise cancelling earphones. The best there is. Period.

And always lots of hand sanitizer. I love the individual packs. Yes, I wipe down the tray and arm rests first thing: they are loaded with who knows what!

And, what about a purse, you may ask. I bought the Michael Kors cross-body bag that can either be worn as is, or put into another bag. It’s sturdy, has zippers and sits close to the body: perfect for sightseeing.

Mother Luggage etc_wm

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So there you have it. I hope this has been helpful and maybe you have picked up some ideas for your next trip. Of course, each person has different needs and likes/dislikes but the purpose is, after all, to


What do you wear? What kind of luggage do you carry? Any hints for the rest of us?