What in the world is it?

It’s many things.

It’s a truck that arrives at scheduled stops around the Triangle (that’s Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill) and sells locally grown and produced goods to hungry, and savvy, customers.


It’s a unique concept whose mission is
“to expand the market for local foods by making it easier for farmers and local food producers to connect with local food lovers. This mission plays a big role in our business,” said Guenevere Abernathy, founder and CEO of LoMoMarket.


From the LoMo site




It’s a fun, new way to shop local and to find the very best in locally produced goods.

Look at the LoMo Market site and see all the stops in the Triangle area. The truck used to stop in my village but there just was not enough business as we also have a weekly Farmer’s Market that has expanded every year and is very successful. The nearest stop to us is Briar Chapel where you will find the truck on  Saturday  afternoons.

One thing in particular I love about their website is this little row of icons:

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.54.56 PM

You can see just what is available on any given day in any “department”.
Again, very clever: the concept and the graphics.

All their graphics are great. The staff is very helpful. They accept credit cards (!!)  They DO tend to sell out of some items if you wait until the last half hour of a stop. They very cleverly restock for each stop in a day, so there is always a fresh supply at each stop.

I bought pink snapper last Saturday and it was delicious and fresh.
Try it….you will like it!

If you’re wondering what Lo and Mo stand for, it’s “local” and “mobile”. Clever!