A colander is defined as:

“a perforated bowl used to strain off liquid from food, especially after cooking.”
or, more specifically:

“a perforated bowl, made of stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic, that is used to drain the liquid from pasta, vegetables, salad greens, and other foods.”

I had been vaguely looking for a new colander. My old one, down below, seemed well…dated. The feet were scratching my white corian sink and it just seemed what?…clunky I guess is the best word.

Enter this gem from Cuisinart found at HomeGoods last week.
I love it. Lots of holes so the liquid really DOES drain. No scratching from the feet on my sink. It sits low. Nice, sturdy handles. Did I mention how it really drains well?




These gorgeous gems I had found at a tag sale and, while they look beautiful, they DO NOT drain well as there are simply not enough holes either on the sides or the bottom.


Here’s my old colander that I’ve had for at least twenty five years!


To help you in your search for a new colander (you know you need one!) here are some suggestions:

Colander 2a_wm

Links to sources are below, beginning with top left and going clockwise:

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.

I would caution anyone to beware of bright, fun, colorful colanders. As in so many things, it can often be the simpler, less complicated and glitzy models that work the best. So take your time and look around. As you probably know, you can spend a lot of money ($85.00 for the copper) or a little money ($15.00 for the simple, colorful #6.) You can find some more ideas on my
Pinterest board: In The Kitchen. If you do go over there you can also see a sneak preview of some ideas I’m gathering for my kitchen! Yes, time to do some minor updates. Well, let’s hope they remain minor. But as you all know it is SO easy to do more than originally planned ….. We shall see.