This IS the South, so what can I expect?

I should know and be prepared for such hot, humid weather. Well, I am …. sort of.
In fact, I rather like the really hot weather.
But not so my garden. It’s tough on everyone out there. But I water faithfully and thoroughly, sometimes twice a day.

And for that, here is what I get in my mid-summer garden:


Hibiscus. I have it planted by the front porch, climbing up the white railing. And what a statement it makes!



Love these petite Echinicea, “Sombrero Hot Coral.” I bought them last summer and they survived the winter just fine.



Canna “Tropicana”



My flowering Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks). Yes, they can flower!



Daisies, of course!



I have lots of Helianthus. They do so well in this climate and look so cheerful in my front garden that I’ve added a few more plants this year.

 We’ve had some rain and slightly cooler days, but still, the garden  is in it’s summer blah stage.
I have come to realize that an English cottage garden is simply not in my future in this climate. And that means that I will just have to go across the pond to visit one…right?