This place and its story are so good that I am writing about it a second time, two years later.

We went back to
Bluebird Hill Farm
where Norma Burns invites everyone to come and help harvest her fields of lavender. Once again, it was a picture perfect day for North Carolina: not too hot or humid and a nice breeze all day.


We parked here: nice first view for the day!

 I had written about our visit two years ago and put a slide show on the post. Hmmm. The slide show has disappeared with my move over to WordPress last December!
One of my followers in England, Deborah Lawrenson, had seen the post and immediately started to compare the lavender harvest here in the U.S. to that in Provence where she also lives. The result was her post
“Bluebird Hill Farm”.
Take a look and you will see just how international, and yet small, the blogging world is.

I took many, many pictures today but thought that, once again, the best way to show a selection was with a slide show. You can almost smell the lavender! 

This is what I brought home. I will let it dry, but in the meantime I get to enjoy the scent on my desk!

If you’re “local” and want to go next year, here is the website:
Bluebird Hill Farm
Norma and I have become friends through all this, so be sure to mention my name!