It’s Local, but it’s also time for Friday Flowers.
I spent a day last weekend visiting more beautiful, gorgeous gardens as part of
The Garden Conservancy Tour
The Garden Conservancy, based in Cold Spring, N.Y., has “Open Days” programs all over the country. Go to their site to check out one where you live. Thanks to husband giving it to me for Christmas (hint, hint..), I am now a member.

So I had been waiting for the Raleigh area tours. These are not in my immediate local area; in fact, I drove for the first time up to Wake Forest to see one of these historic gardens set in an 1867 house. One of the things I like most (aside from the gardens) is getting to know a wider area around me.

I put together another slide show so sit back, watch, and listen to Yo-Yo Ma.

Finally, a few images from my garden this week. Oh the iris! Most of the iris are gone but the last to bloom are my
Louisiana Iris.

And they are simply stunning.
Thank you, Jane, for such an everlasting, gorgeous gift.

Image 1_wm

Image 2_wm


Aren’t they just so lovely?

There are not many blooms per clump, but that’s beside the point. The sit in my front garden and bloom in perfect timing with the now fading peonies sitting behind them.

We are on the road again this weekend: to Savannah and Charleston. Yes, both in one trip! I’ll be on Instagram, posting, so be sure to stop by.