Have you noticed something new on each blog post?

I’ll show you.

You will need to click on a specific blog post, like this:
(click anywhere, but not on the red P that comes up)


Go ahead, click right on the image and you will go directly to that post.

Scroll down to the bottom and you will come to this:

UnknownThen come back here!

What do you see?

1) Thumbnails of related posts. This has been here for a while, but I just wanted to remind you of this very useful feature.

2) All those different colored buttons at the bottom. This is called “Shareaholic”. What to do with them? Well, you can share the post! Send this post to your Facebook page to share with your friends, share on Twitter, Pinterest etc. , or email the post .
This is how word gets around. It is how we, as bloggers, can have a wider audience. So, try it, you’ll like it.

3) I am in the process of updating my Blogroll. I have deleted blogs from that sidebar list that haven’t posted in more than two months. I feel that my readers, you, want to see up-to-date posts. If a blog hasn’t updated in two or three months I will transfer it to my static page up top, “Blogs I Recommend.” Certainly it is still a valid blog, and we all hope the author will begin posting again, but for now I want to reserve that sidebar for active blogs. And, I am going to be adding some new blogs I have found that I feel you would like to read.
It’s a dynamic process!

4) I’m in the process of developing a new sidebar item that will direct you, easily and quickly, to my new columns such as “It’s Local” and “Libby’s Likes”. I think you will appreciate being able to see all the posts in any one category at a glance.

Finally, let me follow up on my post, “Question For All Readers” where I asked which kind of response you liked in the comment section: a personal email or reply in kind in the comment section. Well, I am still undecided! I like to respond personally via email, but then again, it is good for everyone to see all the comments and I think it does encourage more participation. Hmm. As you can see, I am still on the fence and you will see a bit of both going on here!