We all want to eat healthy, right?
And maybe, at the same time, not eat too much fat, sugar or junk food…yes?
I am definitely not into fast food; I will go without lunch rather than stop at the food court at a mall. I try to carry crackers in my purse and keep a (metal) bottle of our Brita water in the car. That does get tricky with the warm weather and the temperature in the car reaching over 100°!

When I am at home and thinking about lunch I tend to either pick at leftovers or maybe have cashew butter on crackers OR
turn to this delicious, easy to make, healthy for you
fruit shake.

It all started when I bought the immersion blender. I put the picture on Instagram and immediately received ideas for ingredients. The power of social media, right?

Take a look:

Here is my recipe. You can modify in any way you want!

1 cup almond/mix milk
1/2c chopped kale or spinach
1/4c chopped banana
1/4c crushed pineapple
1/2c frozen mixed fruit, defrosted
honey to taste
add some yogurt if you want

If you don’t add the frozen fruit you will end up with a very green drink….which is also delicious, though a little strange looking for my taste.

Green Shake_wm

Here is another image I had taken a few weeks ago. Yes, mangoes are really, really good here, but they are such a problem to peel, seed etc. that I don’t often bother with them.


But you get the idea: add any and all kinds of fruit. It’s the almond milk and kale/spinach that is essential. We all, at a certain age, are trying for more calcium and this is a wonderful way to get it. Pills are fine, but they’re not as easily absorbed as eating and drinking.

So try this and let us know what you think!