It’s been one of those busy….very busy…weeks. And then we had a tornado warning at 5AM. Yes indeed, at 5AM all the phones went off with the loud warning. So we went into our interior closet (we have no basement or crawl space) for half an hour until the all clear signal.
That was a fun event and great way to start the day!

We’ve had rain, although not a lot, but all the weather channels said to stay in,
just in case. So….. not a lot of picture taking going on around here. But my iris are just beginning to come out, and the very first ones to appear were these gorgeous white flowers. They have been sitting here by the fence for two years and each year the leaves would get bigger and stronger and healthier, but no flowers.

This is the year!
They are gorgeous. But…I wish I had known they were all white as I would have mixed in some purple especially as against the white fence.   Well, I DO have other clumps of iris just emerging and those are going to be purple and blue. So hang around til next week and I will have some better pictures.




Coincidentally I had just taken photos on my morning walk a few days ago.
Lots of white everywhere. From crabapples to viburnum to illicium floridanum, white was all over the park.

white Collage_wm

Finally, this from my Instagram feed:

Enjoy your flower- full spring weekend!