We went to Savannah and Charleston for a few days.

And yes, I had wanted to post from there, but couldn’t access my WordPress account….. that’s what I get for changing the user ID and password and not coding it onto the iPad. Oh, these passwords…it’s endless.

The gardenias were out in full force in Savannah! The squares and parks smelled so delicious.



This hibiscus was in a planter in Savannah.
Just gorgeous.


And these in Charleston:




They really do look good enough to eat. So yummy.


And the final image for today: my white Scaobiosa Caucasia.

I am very very proud of this plant, having grown two of them from seed and not being very lucky with seeds! I’ve planted maybe 40 zinnia seeds in one area and so far have about 5 little seedlings emerging. I’ve tried everything: planting deeper, planting shallow, starting inside under lights and on and on.  Anyway, I love these white Scabiosa and also love the Black Knight variety. Here’s the post where I had featured these lovely, unique plants. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it through the winter and they are simply unavailable as plants. So I went to Chocolate Flower Farm for seeds.


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I’ll be posting lots from our trip some time next week.

See you then…