If you think yo
u have been seeing more and more pastels
out there…you’re right!
They are appearing on all sorts of home accessories from dinner ware to furniture to organizing items to fabric.
I’ve been filing images away for a few weeks now and here are some ideas for you.

Pastels Collage_wm
1. bowls  2. lamp  3. wire basket  4. water bottles
5. scarf  6. recipe cards  7. star vases  8. liberty fabric  9. trays  10. towels

These are only a small, small sampling of what is out there!

While I am not generally a fan of pastels on the wall, I like this one. The gold flecks make it interesting and add some texture: 


And how about one of these mid century tables? love, love…


What do you think of this? Like or not?
A giant canvas as headboard, and lots of pastels!

canvas-as-headboard                                                                                                 {source}

Some pastel interior ideas:


Many great pastel interior ideas on the site above: take a look!

Finally, for the ultimate guide to PASTELS, there is a just published book,
Pretty Pastel Style by Selina Lake

UnknownI haven’t yet seen or looked through the book, but will try to on my next trip to my local bookseller.

What is the verdict? Do you like the “new” pastels? Could you live with them? Are they too sweet or have these new palettes come away from that too sweet feel? Let us know what you think…