What a wonderful surprise!

We went up to Richmond, Virginia to meet my sister and her husband who had travelled down from Boston. Unfortunately it was pouring (as in cats and dogs) the day we drove up, but the rain stopped within a few hours and was just drizzling and gray the rest of our stay. While we did the usual touristy things, we also exchanged small gifts (we don’t see each other often…)

Those of you who know me know my sister was an M.D. at a major city hospital. She retired last year and now is very, very involved in a ceramic studio! Quel changement, non? Quite a change. She is happy, happy being there but more than that, she is producing some really lovely items. Her latest endeavors have been with bone china; knowing my flower addiction she brought me two vases.

Take a look at these and you too will be envious!







These lovely pink tulips are Darwin Hybrid  “Ollioules”, bought from Terra Ceia Farms. This is a wonderful bulb (and other) supplier in North Carolina. Shop local!



This is the same tulip, but they vary in pink intensity:





One more tulip shot:
These are “Orange Emperor” from John Scheepers, another quality bulb supplier. And the yellow are, I think, “Akebono”, a Double Darwin Hybrid. I’m not positive about these, as I have lost the paperwork and order… But the combination was stunning and they appeared just in time for my big party last Saturday. I could not have timed it better!


Finally. Last week I showed you my viburnum carlesii that was just about to burst into bloom. Well, it happened! All week I have been smelling that glorious vanilla scent as I work in my garden and the shrub has put forth the best, most prolific show of flowers that I’ve ever seen:


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