Today I’m joining up with Urban Jungle Bloggers
and their monthly photo challenge. This month, to post on April 24th, is “Show Your Green Balcony or Windowsill”. Well, I don’t really have either, but I have lots of green! In fact, I didn’t quite realize how much green I had…


New “Irish Moss” ground cover . Can’t wait to see this spread!




Euphorbia “Tiny Tim”




Hosta: not my favorite plant (sorry, you Hosta lovers…) but at this time of year it DOES look great!


Love my Heucherella “Alabama Sunrise”
Again, I’m generally not a big Heuchera fan, but these are wonderful for the light shade. Last fall, when I bought them, the leaves were a red/gold and now in the spring this gorgeous green.


solomans seal_wm

Soloman’s Seal: a gift from a friend and a new discovery



Looking down on an Asiatic Lily: by June it will be a gorgeous yellow!


Finally, a little color mixed in! These blue and yellow pansies survived the winter and are more robust and healthy than ever. But by June they will have succumbed to the heat and I will have to replace them with New Guinea Impatiens, which is an entirely different color scheme!


Thanks to Igor and Judith at Urban Jungle Bloggers!