Savannah has always held a mysterious, romantic interest for me. In fact, the entire South has always fascinated me. My husband and I are both born and bred Mid-Atlantic and New England people with a decades long interest in the American South. Did you know that about us? No, we didn’t travel here (I say “here” because now I live in central North Carolina) much; life, and budgets, and schedules sort of interfered. When we lived in New York City we would feel the inescapable urge to go to a tropical island in the winter and then perhaps a local beach in the summer. When we had a child…well, you know how that is. Finally, as we neared the end of our working careers, we had the opportunity to move South.

It has been all, and more, than we hoped for. We are within driving distance to all we have wanted to see for so many years, both beach and sea-bound and mountain and vista-bound. Yes, it’s hot and humid in the summer and then of course, there are the chiggers and mosquitoes and no-see-ums. I can put up with all that; in fact, I relish the hot, humid barefoot months that seem to stretch on endlessly. And I love the early spring with daffodils appearing in February and then a fall when Thanksgiving is spent on the terrace. It suits me and I think it shows in my face and personality.

On to Savannah, the destination of the month. I’ve shown you some of the flowers and the restaurants and food we experienced during our trip of two weeks ago. Now I want to show you two very unique, quite different, and totally engrossing shopping destinations in the city.

For antique shopping you really cannot find anything better than
Alex Raskin Antiques

First, take a look at the outside:







And now, let’s go in. This house was built in 1865 and nothing, NOTHING, has been changed with the paint or floors, or staircases or even, I venture, the curtains or chandeliers. It is one incredible walk back in history.


What had been the front door and main hallway


Look at this incredible staircase and wall. The paint is peeling everywhere and you see layers beneath. I mean, nothing has been touched!


The stairway from the main parlor floor to the second floor






From the second floor to third

Not to mention, of course, the huge array of antiques. All and any kinds of furniture, rugs, lighting, accessories, toys, paintings: the assortment is just too huge to begin to describe. There was a beautiful Sheraton dresser that we both were coveting. And then down on the ground floor there were books and prints and maps that, given a return trip, I will certainly look over more carefully.
But it was the building itself that fascinated me most. Maybe this is the quintessential mystery of the South for which I have been searching?

Raskin Collage

And now, on to something totally different:
The Paris Market

Hip, contemporary, worldly, colorful and oh so popular. This store on the main  upscale, commercial drag draws huge crowds of all ages. But a warning: it’s a “chick” store: my husband found it less than enchanting and withdrew to walk around the block!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.13.40 PM

French Market 1_wm

French Market 2_wm


I loved these linen scarves; wish I had bought one!


Candles and scents galore



An antique French wash stand with lavender: loose, soap and sachets made a wonderful display.


The central table display downstairs



The newest addition is a charming coffee and tea room

Again, this is another place to which I will return. It would be perfect for a “girls” outing with a lunch date included. Anyone want to meet me there?





The very photographed fountain at Forsyth Park. What can I say?

We left Savannah for a quick tour of Tybee Island and then south to Amelia Island, Florida. My father had lived there and, in fact, we still own his house (anyone looking to buy a house in a lovely retirement village on Amelia?). We stayed at what is now the Omni Resort and had been the Amelia Island Plantation . I’ll show you more images from my morning walk in the near future, but for now, this is the one I had posted on Instagram while down there:


We would all love to hear your comments and suggestions about Savannah or any other travel ideas. I assure you I will be returning there! And, I want to thank both Cindy at A Curious Gardener and Pam at DIY Design Fanatic for their suggestions and ideas about our trip! Maybe we can do a meet up ladies??