Spring is slowly, ever so slowly, making its way to my neighborhood.
One day is cold and gray and windy and the next is warm and sunny. The poor plants don’t quite know what to make of this!

Some daffodils earlier this week, early in the morning:


Iris reticulata:



 A whole bunch ‘o daffodils in my front garden:

Daffs reg

And “painted” in Waterlogue:


My cute new vases with fresh flowers, then I applied a texture from Kim Klassen:


And here is the same image in Waterlogue (I used the “Bold” choice here… what do you think?)


And here it is in “Natural”.  I like this better!


Yes, I am working on another post all about Savannah. I have not forgotten! It’s just taking a while to gather all my images and create the “story.” Be sure to check back here on Monday and you will be pleasantly surprised.