Are you ready to visit Savannah?

I love this city for many reasons, not the least of which is the variety of flowers and trees all set within the beautiful squares. At this time of year the Camellia japonicas are out in full bloom and the colors are outstanding. Everywhere you look there is another gorgeous, eye-catching Camellia! So I had fun photographing…and then playing with some of them in Waterlogue (if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some of these already.)

Here we go:




This was taken in the lovely garden at the Andrew Low House


Same image as above but “painted” with Waterlogue



Same as above, but using Waterlogue. Don’t you love the effect?

And a gorgeous white Camellia:

A Star Magnolia in Forsyth Park:


The Azaleas were everywhere!

What else did we do in Savannah, you ask. We snacked and ate at some very fine places. First off was a stop for late afternoon tea which was beautifully served at Wright Square Cafe.

Wright Square_wm

Our hotel, one of the “name” hotels in the city, turned out to be standard, ordinary fare, so I didn’t take any pictures and won’t suggest it to you.
If you have any suggestions for me, please…. do tell, as we intend to return asap.

We had an afternoon tea on another day, and then breakfast/coffee on our way out of town a day later, at Gallery Espresso. What a great place. It was swarming with serious bikers (the bicycle kind, not motorcycle variety!)  one day, and peaceful and quiet on the next (Sunday) morning. Every kind of coffee, and yes, tea, that you can dream of. In fact, they had the coolest, cleverest sort of tea pot/cup that I plan to look into and will do a post in the near future.  Lots of comfortable seating both indoors and out and great fresh  baked goods.

We had dinner at Soho South Cafe in the heart of the historic district and easily accessible from just about any hotel. It is a renovated car dealership and repair shop, built in 1945 and the huge bay doors are there in the back. With a cement floor and high ceilings the danger is always that the noise level will escalate during the evening. Not so. Somehow they have managed to make a huge warehouse type space, with eclectic retro furnishings and just the right lighting, seem intimate and quiet. I had the Pasta Fusilli with an addition of blackened shrimp. Done to perfection!

The only picture I took was of the pecan pie, the quintessential Southern dessert:


Savannah is the home of SCAD
Savannah College of Art and Design
This is an amazing school, started in 1979 (yes, 1979) and now enrolling over 11,000 students in four locations. Graphic design is one of their top majors. If only I had known about this school back in the day….  But it has also done amazing things for the city of Savannah: bringing in so many young people, lots of staff, parents and, of course, world recognition.


This is the heart of the school: a former military Armory.


This is the outlet store for student artists’ goods:
You will be totally amazed at the variety and quality of goods sold here. Beautiful, professional, wonderful as gifts and so many categories… it’s amazing!


SCAD products

And finally, one of my favorite shots of a crape myrtle with the ubiquitous ironwork fence:


There’s more!! I’ll give you more of an architectural tour next week and show you two very different shops: one so old you won’t believe it’s still standing and walkable, and the other new and hip and fun. See you then!

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