My geranium, sitting on the kitchen window sill since November, faces South and gets lots of sun. But somehow it hasn’t been very happy this year. I always bring in my geraniums in late fall, cut them back fairly hard, feed and they flower nicely. Not this year. Who knows why… this one just did not want to cooperate. The little plant food I gave it seemed to only encourage green leaves (yes, I know, that is a risk) until a few weeks ago when a bud appeared. And now, it is so pretty and pink!



And now it’s tulip time, my favorite time of the week!
These colors on the screen are just about an exact match to what I had in my kitchen.


After a few days in my favorite yellow pitcher, and I tried some new looks with
f stops and then saturation in Photoshop:


We did have some snow! So I took some of the tulips that were still doing well and tried them against all that whiteness:


Again, I played with saturation and curves in Photoshop.


And finally, random shots of snow resting on other perennials and shrubs in the garden.


I’m glad I hadn’t pruned my hydrangea!



Camellia japonica

Stay warm and dry everyone and here’s to an early spring!