It’s been a good week over on Instagram!
Lots of new things to see and do, so take a look here:

photo copy 2

One day this week was so warm and lovely I couldn’t’ resist cleaning up a bit out on the terrace. Loved this late season hydrangea flower.


photo copy 3

And yet, another day it was so cold there was ice on the pond here. I managed to catch the reflection just right!


photo copy

I bought these tulips yesterday, brought them home, and discovered part of one bulb was attached. That was a first for me!



And this morning we had our “snow event”; 4″ and nothing is moving around here. Here is the stone egg all dressed for winter!

 I know you’re probably wondering why this arrived in your email at such an odd hour, as I usually post them to go out in the middle of the night. Seems I forgot last night and just realized nothing was there in your inbox.

See you on Friday with a post on CHARLESTON!

P.S. Did I mention how much I  l-o-v-e Instagram?