Are ironing board covers your idea of a fun purchase?

For me the answer is yes! It’s true: I am very into ironing.

 I’ve mentioned here before that I really like to iron. Yes, really and truly. It satisfies me and makes me feel good. Many, many, many years ago I remember my Mother showing me the correct way to iron cotton, long sleeved shirts. And tea towels. And sheets. Of course, I could have ended up hating this entire business but no, I ended up really enjoying it.


Fast forward to a year ago. My ironing board is old. It belonged to my Grandmother who died in 1980 and I have had it ever since. It’s sturdy and solid and so easy to fold and unfold, unlike the shaky, thin and about-to-collapse kind you see now. And remember, to an “ironer” these are important distinctions. When we redid our present laundry room/pantry I looked into the kind of boards that come out from the wall or slide out from a cabinet. In the end they all seemed too small and not sturdy enough to work with and iron sheets. I opted to keep this very old but “much loved” board.

I realized (finally) it was time to redo the ironing board “slip cover” and underpinnings. Where to turn for a creative, hand-made, all cotton, attractive cover? Etsy, of course.

And so I found
Laurie Haver of Barefoot Lake.

I wanted a chevron print for the cover but wanted a very specific color of orange/coral. Laurie took the time to order just the color I wanted (after sending me swatches) and worked with me through each step. I told her I also needed a clothes pin bag as mine was falling apart and I did not want to buy another one at a big box store. So we chose a coordinating print. She also had some small children’s hangers in red that she suggested using for the bag. And finally, she put a rosette on it.

Ironing Collage 1

From yuck to yes!


I had made this skirt to put across one set of shelves and wanted the board cover to coordinate.

Skirt Collage 2

Here is the finished product(s):



This chic-shabby metal clothes hook I found in France several years ago. It has been looking for just the right home and
finally has found one.



Here you can see my indoor clothes line with towels. We gave away our dryer last year, so all our clothes, sheets, towels etc. are hung up to dry. You can read more about that whole process here.

And note the board hanging up over on the right. It is very visible which is why I wanted just the right colors and fabrics here.


Laurie was a pleasure to work with.  My package arrived all wrapped up:


If you’re looking for an ironing board cover, please do go over to her shop.
I was hoping to have a giveaway here from Barefoot Lake, but at the moment Laurie is much too busy to do this. So that just means you will have to get in line and order directly from her!

We would all love to hear how you feel about ironing: feel free to leave a comment…