Amanda Gates, owner of the interior design firm AB Home Interiors and podcast interviewer par excellence, had asked me several times if I would be interested in doing a podcast/interview with her. I demurred, not sure if I was up to the task. Finally, I said yes and here is the result.

Amanda and I discuss the role, and career choice, of being an entrepreneur, the world of design from the 80’s to the present and how licensing has changed, the role of women in the workplace, and the ups and downs and successes and failures of being an entrepreneur. I really, really (!) enjoyed talking about all this and I hope you will find it interesting. It’s long…so settle back and listen. (I actually think it gets better toward the end!!).

We had fun doing this (lots of chatting via Skype beforehand) and I have to say I really admire Amanda’s calm way of speaking and her understated way of asking pointed questions. Well done, Amanda!

Listen to the podcast for

Design 101: Interview with Libby Wilkie 


 And take a look at Amanda’s blog, featuring yours truly:

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