We’re winding down…or gearing up..depending on your point of view, for Christmas. For my family it is a low key event and it has definitely been our choice to celebrate simply.

You know I love color, so take a look here:

Another Christmas wreath, vintage 1960’s. It’s made of plastic…which yes, was the very newest back then!

This too was my Mother’s (see here for more) and always made an appearance in our dining room. Our house had a very long combined living/dining room with windows the entire length. I mean, in the 50’s, when the house was built, who thought about the cost of electricity or double glazing? We eventually had storm windows (they were enormous) installed but again, you just cranked up the heat when it was cold. I can’t imagine how often the oil truck must have visited # 414.




Our Christmas mantel! 

All my decorating has been minimal this year, but of course the mantel is just plain fun and so irresistible to play with.

I bought these little green wooden trees at Container Store: perfect when paired with gold and silver, no?

Ornaments Collage_wm

I’ve had several arrangements around the house and have tried to stay with a green and white (and touches of red) color story.


Fresh boxwood, white chrysanthemums and daisies, red Nandina berries, and some white hydrangeas: these are a few of my favorite things this year.


The heavy glass vase is rectangular and the only problem was all those stems showing and creating a mess down below the water level. So I ironed one of my many red ribbons, wrapped it around tied a nice big bow!
Easy and very effective and it adds that touch of color!


To see some of my Christmas ideas for last year, 2012, take a look here.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Seasons Greetings!