How about these bar carts for COLOR
 Primary Red
Cobalt blue

 Acid Green

 Pantone Orange

In case you hadn’t noticed, bar carts are everywhere. Just about every major retailer now carries some version of this mid-century, Mad Men inspired piece.
From this one for $17,000 (yes, really!)
to this more modestly priced (at $399)
It all started with the very classic chrome or polished brass cart and, of course decanters of scotch, bourbon, gin etc. The carts sported small wheels for ease in moving although they were usually stationery and became a fixed piece of furniture. I remember my parents brass bar cart well. It was a rectangle shape with two fixed glass shelves and a long handlebar at one end.  My Mother would always polish it up before a dinner party and yet it did seem to tarnish very quickly, much to her dismay… And the glass shelves: well, they were an endless source of frustration to her in trying to keep them clean! The cart stayed in our house for many many years and then…somehow, somewhere it disappeared. Maybe when she moved out of the large house it was given away. I don’t know and I never really thought much about it until it was too late and she is no longer here. Oh, it would be one gorgeous statement piece in my house now!
The Classics
 Colorful DIY
Natural, aka rattan and wood, materials
Industrial Chic
While looking through Pinterest I found this great cart DIY. What a transformation, and I love the red painted final product!
Great job HERE
 from this

As I was finishing up this post last week, what should appear but a very timely article from the
New York Times:
 I can’t embed the slideshow here on the blog, so go on over to see more!
And of course, take a look at my Pinterest board for all these and more.
(I did not put the sources for these in here, on the post, as you can easily go to the Pinterest board and find all of them. )