Holiday time is almost here and that can mean a sit down meal.
How to seat your guests becomes the “issue” of the day, right? You can always leave the seating to chance… oh no!…or you can get yourself organized and plan just a little bit ahead. It doesn’t take that much time, or effort, to make some simple and very effective place cards for your Thanksgiving table.
Here is a collage I put together with lots of very different ideas:

All sources for the nine images above can be found on my Pinterest board:
Here are some others I couldn’t resist showing you:
Love this turkey die-cut card! 
You DO have to order these on line, so be quick about it if you want them!
A great way to reuse your wine corks: 
 And this one: simple and with great style: 

Very easy (just buy them!) from Martha:

And for one of my personal favorites (partly because it’s SO easy to make!);
again, from Martha:

tutorial here: {martha}
What are your thoughts? Do you plan to have some kind of name/place card at your table?