The title says Friday but no Flowers.
Flowers, at least from my garden, are pretty much over for the season. Now we are well into Fall.
Some people love the fall and say it’s their favorite season. Not so much for me. All I can think of is what is to follow: WINTER.
Now, I’ve never been crazy about winter. As a child growing up in Philadelphia our winters were fairly mild. But still….
I don’t like layered clothing.
I don’t like wool; in fact, I haven’t been able to wear it next to my skin for many years.
I don’t like socks.
I don’t like boots.
I don’t like searching for sweaters to wear around the house.
I don’t like dry skin, which happens to me all winter, although I’ve learned ways to deal with and ameliorate it.
I don’t like being cold, although my Mother would have told you that, as a child, I was always hot!
So there you have it.
Thank goodness down here in North Carolina the winters are shorter and milder and there is gardening just about year round.
Nevertheless, I was out taking some pictures yesterday morning and was able to capture some great color in our park here.
Look carefully and you can see the egret right in the middle of these first two images! I don’t have a telephoto lens and he flew away as I got closer…
The reflections were really stunning.
Happy weekend and see you on Monday!